Complete Solution for the Infidelity Issues

Infidelity is a feeling that one’s partner has violated the implicit agreement of a relationship. This is often also termed as cheating, adultery or having an affair outside the existing relationship. Infidelity is a feeling and thus has no particular definition, is subjective and it varies among couples and even between partners in a relationship. There have been numerous researches conducted on this issue to know the reasons, as to why a partner indulges in the act of infidelity, and on the basis of the results of these researches, the causes of infidelity can either be emotional or physical.

The most common cause for infidelity is the lack of emotional connect between partners in a relationship. Due to an emotional imbalance in the primary relationship, a partner starts seeking for an emotional connection with another person. This new relationship might begin with friendship, but can lead to a more intimate relationship over the time span. And over time, the ‘friend’ becomes a priority and the person starts avoiding his/her primary relationship. Another very commonly cited reason for indulging in adultery is physical dissatisfaction with the partner. This dissatisfaction is generally because of lack of physical proximity and chemistry between partners in a relationship. For satisfying the sexual pleasures, the dissatisfied partner seeks pleasure outside the relationship and commits adultery.

Infidelity issues are some of the most painful challenge, which a couple can face. They not only affect the couple but also affect their children and families. Once you have discovered the infidelity, including a physical or emotional affair, it’s high time to take an action about it. Sometimes, while you argue on the occurrence of infidelity, your partner may deny that any such transgression has happened. When suffering through the infidelity trauma, the guidance of an experienced counsellor like Dr. Gitanjali Sharma can prove to be quite helpful in creating an understanding between you and your partner and in reconnecting you with each other. The counsellors of DGS counselling solutions believe that though infidelity issues are crucial, but, if handled positively, these can lead to a better understanding between the two of you and can help you, openly discuss issues that may have been getting ignored, since long. Dr. Gitanjali Sharma, along with her team of highly experienced professionals is here to offer you with complete solution for infidelity issues. Counsellors at DGS counselling solutions are trained and experienced enough, in dealing with the infidelity issues and also have the skill of assisting you in overcoming these difficult times. Our counsellors can facilitate therapeutic conversations to make you and your partner understand the causes of the infidelity issues, that have arisen and to discuss ways by which both of you can move forward towards a satisfying future. You must learn to communicate effectively, allow each other to share your respective feelings and the most important of all, you must have patience and give time to each other in the healing and rebuilding connection.