About Us

Dr. Gitanjali Sharma is a renowned Marriage & Family Counsellor, Spiritual Psychologist, Life coach, Healer, Motivational Speaker, dynamic & mystic presenter, and realized master. Practicing from the past 15 yrs in the field of Positive Psychology with Spirituality.

Dr. Gitanjali Sharma always managed to gain top rank from school till college by focusing on studies. Her expertise in the field of M.sc. in psychology, Postgraduate in counselling & guidance, MBA (HR), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual psychology, NLP Trainer, Gemology, and Diamond Grading, helps her to understand the ways to tap the full potential of the human mind, while maintaining a good balance of professional and personal life. Her experience has given her the vision to train psychologists, which she had been doing spiritually.

She trains people in areas like Relationship Management, Anger & Stress Management, Communication Skills, and Parenting. She has conducted workshops for the Indian Armed Forces, Indian Airforce, and many more.
She has participated in hundreds of TV/radio shows on BBC radio, Zee TV, Delhi Aaj Tak, CNBC, NDTV, LiveIndia, IndiaTV, News24, CNEB TV, IBN7 (Lifestyle guru), Pragya TV, Focus TV, & many more. She has written or quoted in numerous newspapers & magazines like Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, Reader’s Digest, Tehelka, Femina, Bride & Style, Deccan chronicle, Mail Today, India Today, Hindustan, Navbharat Times, Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran, Nai Dunia, & many more, covering topics like Marital Relationships, Child Upbringing, Parenting Skills, Anger, Stress, Relationship Management, EQ, etc.

Why Us

Dr. Gitanjali Sharma is a highly enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate 40+ years old presenter with 15+ years of varied experience ranging from the spiritual preacher, author, counselor in multiple capacities by Exploring & discovering the power of The Human Mind. She also promotes spirituality, at the workplace by delivering holistic workshops. She uses her professional training and intuitive skills to help deduce the right course of action for all concerned.

She teaches others how they can create & live in the abundance of happiness; her presence is filled with compassion & grace. Her talks offer creative participation and profound inspiration. Words that come from her in intensity, clarity, deep understanding, and wisdom can change the deep core of being. Available to all those who are willing for the transformation of their life consciously or subconsciously.
Her focus and direction are on the leading edge of humanity’s collective horizon. Her perspective is refreshing, awakening, alive, fun, and compassionate. Her talk delivers the experience of meditation and the feeling of relaxation. As a life empowerment coach she helps you to connect with your “inner essence” and your “true power” to create life-fulfilling goals that are in line with what you truly want. About her beliefs she says: All true paths, regardless of what religion, faith, or belief you hold will always bring you back to humanity.


I was going through a minor depression, I was at a point where I was considering quitting my life. Dr. Gitanjali Sharma had a great impact on my life ,the way now I look and deal with my problems is entirely different, I have not been with many counsellors, maybe there are better ones out there, but she has the most admirable personality and positive mindset. Believe me you will not be disappointed.

Aryan S

I am spirituality awaken in my marital life and adding more value to it because of Dr. Gitanjali Sharma.
The process is longer, but I had faith in myself and in the Doctor. So after 3 months of taking constant guidance , I feel more confident and my communication skills are enhansed. Plus I see more positivity in my relationships.
I have realized one thing that we all need help to evolve in positive way in life and we should not be embarrassed about it.

Aradya Gupta

I was going through a lot of anxiety where I constantly worried about every small thing that came up unexpectedly. I also felt that there are people always looking at me and judging me and I felt so uncomfortable in public places. But with these sessions and Dr. Gitanjali, I have a different outlook. During the sessions, I felt like every feeling I was going through was valid and was understood. My anxiety has reduced to a great level and I let myself go in a flow. I feel I have a positive approach towards the things coming up in my life and I feel stronger and better.


And many more…