Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling

Spirituality is our connection to the higher intelligence, integrating one’s consciousness and subconsciousness into the superconsciousness. The spiritual thread remains with us all through our lives, whether we realise it or not. Spirituality is the core of all thought processes, that we humans have created for ourselves and it rightly effects the deepest desires of any person. Still experiencing our own spiritual nature to the fullest, which lies in the core of our heart, is something, that is really difficult for one and all.

Our spiritual counsellors are here to help you resolve all your concerns. We mainly focus on enhancing the faith, devotion, wisdom, compassion and spiritual experiences of any person, but also touch upon his/her personal psychological areas, such as one’s relations, self-image, self-worth, habits and behaviours. Our spiritual sessions also include a powerful healing meditation derived using the spiritual teachings.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a practice and experience of restoring, harmonizing and balancing our spirit or soul. Spirituality and health are connected. Just as physical wellness describes health in the body, spiritual wellness describes health in the spirit. Spiritual healing can relate to religious belief.


Self-hypnosis is a technique of putting yourself in a trance state, so you can make positive suggestions to yourself. Hypnotism works by reaching a relaxed state whereby it is possible to sink deeper into our minds and rewrite or reprogram our subconscious. Through physical and mental relaxation, self-hypnosis can allow people to bypass their conscious minds and introduce positive thoughts and ideas into their unconscious.

Chakra Kriya

It is believed that there exist many energy points or knots in the subtle body, which are popularly known as the ‘chakras’. These chakras are the meeting points of the non-physical energy channels through which the life force or vital energy moves. Out of these energy points, the ‘7 chakras’ that are considered to be the most important ones are the ‘Root Chakra’, which deals with the foundation, the ‘Sacral Chakra’, which deals with acceptance and connectivity, the ‘Solar Plexus Chakra’, which deals with the level of confidence and control over life, the ‘Heart Chakra’, which emphasize on the ability to love, the ‘Throat Chakra’, which deals with communication skills, the ‘Third Eye Chakra’, which determines focus and last but not the least, the ‘Crown Chakra’, which being the highest chakra, represents the ability to fully connect with the spiritual self.

Since these 7 chakras are the main energy centres present in our body, any blockage in the energy which flows through these chakras can lead to illness. With the best counsellors, who are experts in the field of chakra healing for the different chakra issues, we help the people to keep the energy flow freely through all their chakras. Our counsellors lead the people towards good health and prosperity by utilizing the knowledge of chakra healing.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a gentle form of hypnotherapy which takes an individual back through time to their previous lives or incarnations by accessing memories and experiences that are normally hidden in their subconscious mind.

A Past Life Regression session guides you out of the noise and into a deeply quiet and peaceful state where it’s far easier to locate the memories held in your subconscious mind.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming is a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal. It relates thoughts, language, and patterns of behaviour learned through experience to specific outcomes.

Modeling, action, and effective communication are key elements of neuro-linguistic programming.

Healing with Gems

Since the ancient times, precious and semi-precious gemstones have been used for spiritual, emotional as well as physical healing. It is recommended to use gemstones for physical healing, only after consulting with a professional, who has an expertise in this alternative healing method. Some stones are supposed to be worn on certain parts of the body, some are meant to touch the body, while others should not touch the body but remain about an inch or two above it.

We have our experts in healing with gemstones, who have done research and have a great understanding of each gemstone which they recommend.


Meditation is a state when the mind gets free of agitation, is calm and serene and the soul is at peace. Meditation effortlessly allows the conscious mind to settle down and be calm, which helps people to let go of their tensions and worries and make them enjoy their present moment.

We are here to help people through this path of meditation, to gain unconditional happiness in their life and to have peace of mind. Sometimes, a mantra-based meditation is conducted, where a mantra echoing in the landscape, gives a deep relaxation to the people who witness it.

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