7 Tips to Improve Communication

Communication is critical to any successful relationship. Clear communication is of utmost importance in any relationship because, it allows the partners to share their concerns and worries, support each other through thick and thin and organize their lives. These days many relationship are being destroyed because of lack of proper communication between the partners in a relationship. A relationship consists of two persons, who are equally responsible for each other`s lives. When there is no clear communion between the two persons, then, problems like loss of faith, feeling of insecurity and dissatisfaction from one another, start arising and eventually leads to a tragic downfall in the relationship. Thus it is very important to communicate clearly, to avoid any misunderstandings in a relationship.It is true that not all people are born communicators and are therefore not very open and comfortable in talking to others. But, better communication can be learnt, as it is a skill, and it must be used by partners in a relationship. The team of professionals at DGS Counselling Solutions has come up with the following tips which might help you to improve communication in your relationship.

1. Stop and Listen

We at DGS Counselling Solutions suggest that, partners in relationship should develop a habit of listening to one another and give each other the chance to put forward their views, instead of just rushing to talk of their own points.

2. Talk Face to Face

Doctors and Counsellors in Dr. Gitanjali Sharma’s team suggest their client not to discuss important issues and topics in writings. It is important for partners to have a face to face

3. Be Honest

Lying to your partner can damage your relationship forever. The team of professionals at DGS Counselling Solutions recommend our clients to be out rightly open and honest with their partners, because we believe that honesty strengthens a relationship.

4. Take criticism positively

When your partner comes up to you, with some of your habits that they don’t like or appreciate, you have a tendency to get defensive. But rather than reacting negatively to criticism, one should take it with empathy because, there might be some truth to what they are saying and moreover that can be valuable information for you.

5. Pay attention to the non verbal signals

Reading the non verbal signals of your partner is very important, as most of the time communication is not just about what we say, but how we say it. The more you understand such signal, the more better you understand each other.

6. Stay focused on the issue

For effective communication, one should separate the issue from the person it relates to. Our team at DGS Counselling Solutions suggests the clients to be tough on the issue and stay soft on the person.