Unable to Control your Anger and Stress

Anger and stress, both are twofaced emotions, they can prove to be healthy as well as unhealthy, depending on their magnitude. Anger remains a normal and healthy emotion only till the point, where you know how to manage and control your anger. Managing anger can be a problem for many people, who find it difficult to keep their anger under control. Similarly, stress can also prove to be a bane in one`s life. Distress, is that type of stress which makes people irritable and angry. Healthy stress turns unhealthy when its magnitude rises and it is no longer a motivator.

Uncontrolled anger and stress can lead to health issues and adverse physical harm. Constantly building stress in the mind when coupled with uncontrollable anger, eventually causes harm to different systems of the body. Some of these health issues are: recurring headaches, abdominal pain, insomnia, anxiety, etc. If one is unable to manage his or her anger and stress at time, it can lead to bigger and more serious health issues like heart attack, depression and skin problems. Unmanaged anger and stress can cause some adverse physical issues and reactions. It can lead to too much irritation, indulgence in unfruitful arguments, physical fights, physical abuse, assault to others and self harm. Some other problems associated with unmanageable anger and stress are that it causes the brain to stop the blood flow to the gut, which leads to high blood pressure and heart rate.

When suffering through anger and stress management issues, the guidance of an experienced counsellor Dr. Gitanjali Sharma can prove to be very fruitful to resolve these issues. The staff at DGS Counselling Solutions is very well experienced and professional enough, to deal with people, who need help in this area. They realize, that discussing the problem is of utmost importance to resolve any issue. The team at DGS Counselling Solutions can organize therapeutic conversations with experienced counsellors, to make you understand the causes of anger and stress and to discuss the best-suited methods by which you can get control over these issues. You must modify the ways in which you vent out your stress and anger. Some of the best ways suggested by Dr. Gitanjali Sharma’s team of counsellors are: to keep a diary in which you record you anger outbursts, so that you can understand as to how and why you get angry and feel stressed, regular exercises, meditation and yoga and last but not the least, see a professional counsellor or a psychologist to get expert guidance. We at DGS Counselling Solutions strive to provide you with all the above stated help and assist you in managing your anger and stress.