Going Through Physical and Mental Abuse

In our society, both mental and physical violence is plunging high. You switch on the television channels or read the newspapers or listen to the radio, they all are filled with reports of such violence, among partners in a relationship. People are being physically and emotionally tortured by their partners, behind the closed doors of their houses. It is happening everywhere, both rural and urban areas. This violence is commonly called domestic violence. The differences in a relationship are caused due to a no of issues including insecurities, misunderstandings, and inferiority complex. It is the inferiority complex among partners which has led to differences in a relationship. This complex has certain factors which at the beginning create differences in a relationship and they turn the relationships bitter if neglected for a long time. Our team of counselors at DGS Counselling Solutions assist you in combating this violence and also help in maintaining your emotional stability and self-confidence.

This social evil has destroyed many families. It is important for the victim to know about the signs of an abusive relationship and by the abusive relationship, we not only mean physical abuse, but mental or emotional torture as well. The symptoms of physical abuse are not at all elusive and should not be tolerated by any person. However, symptoms of mental abuse are difficult to be noticed by the victim. The victim might not even realize that he/she is going through this torture. Mental abuse can be more dangerous than physical abuse as it can impair one’s impression of oneself and it can also destroy the victim’s self-confidence. The professional’s team at DGS Counselling Solutions has listed the factors which the victims might overlook but actually these are the factors that initiate the mental abuse. Some of those behaviours are humiliation, degradation, criticism, domination, control, isolation, trivial demands and irrational expectations, etc. Every person should pay the needed heed and be attentive if their partner displays any of the above-stated factors in any situation. If you have even the slightest feeling that you are in an abusive relationship with a person, you should immediately discuss your problem with a professional counsellor who is capable of proving his/her credentials. Dr. Gitanjali Sharma is a highly educated and experienced doctor and her teams of the professionals at DGS Counselling Solutions are equally efficient and trustworthy. A victim of physical or/ and mental abuse needs to have full faith and be able to completely confide with the person he/she is sharing his/her issues with and we at DGS Counselling Solutions try to provide our clients with such environment. We strive to provide them with a comfortable and friendly environment so that they can share their issues without any hesitation. The doctors and counsellors in Dr. Gitanjali Sharma`s team, and she herself, is very cordial and forbearing with their clients, which is why their clients are contended and reassured in dispensing with information related to their personal life.